Helping Us To Help You

Now that we are about to commence marketing your property, it is essential that your property is well presented. First impressions really do count. Most buyers form an opinion within the first fifteen seconds of entering a property. There are affordable improvements that you can make to your home that would significantly enhance the buyer’s experience. 

Family life, entertaining and general wear and tear can really let down your property and deter potential buyers. However, preparing your home for sale doesn’t need to be expensive.

The exterior of your home is the first view buyers will have of your property. A freshly cut lawn, a tidy garden, well kept plants and an inviting entrance will definitely impress and will set a level of expectation for the rest of your home. 

The opposite of this will certainly have a negative effect on buyers. To sell your home successfully a buyer needs to look beyond the personal taste to create their own image. 

It can be difficult, but de-personalising your home will help buyers to visualise themselves living there instead of you. Creating an atmosphere that is calm, neutral and clutter free will give you the best chance of selling your home quickly. Below are a few tips we have picked up over the years:

It sounds simple but decorating your home in neutral colours provides a blank canvas for buyers to make their own mark on the property. 

Loud, vibrant colours may be to your taste but to others they can be oppressive. Lighter colours reflect more sunlight making rooms feel airy and spacious. 

Remove excess clutter and unneccesary personal items from the floors, shelves and worksurfaces. 

Try to arrange viewings when children are at school. Too many people and the house may appear small and crowded. 

Using props and furnishings such as candles, flowers and paintings to “set the scene” will help to present rooms to their best advantage. 

Clean and tidy every room. Clutter can make a house seem small and messy.

Pets can be a turn off for some buyers, so it is a good idea to remove pet hairs, their beds and odours from the house.