Selling and buying a property is a complex, expensive and time consuming activity relying heavily on excellent communication, good management and experienced professionals. 

Our primary role is to facilitate the sale of your property, providing regular communication, guidance on the presentation of your home and supporting you through the more complicated and stressful stages of the transaction. 

We are responsible for the accurate appraisal of your property, taking into account the economic issues affecting the market, determining what is selling successfully and why.

Harrison-Lavers & Potbury’s will also manage the marketing package for your property, including the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), floor plan, photography and brochure. In essence, the agent will manage all stages of the transaction from appraisal to marketing, the management of the chain, from the EPC and conveyancing all the way through to final completion. The Estate Agent you choose is critical to the successful sale of your property. 

Accompanied viewings

Whenever possible we endeavour to accompany applicants around your property. Our staff are well trained in the art of showing your property to its best advantage. We prefer to carry out this service on your behalf as we usually obtain ‘instant feedback’ from the people viewing your home.  

The value of your property

Valuing a property correctly is crucial to the successful sale of your home. Pitch the price too high and your property may compare unfavourably with others at the same price and you risk losing ideal buyers. Too low and the buyers may question what is wrong with it. 
The valuers at Harrison-Lavers & Potbury’s, with their experience of the local market, will carefully consider the value of your property to ensure that the best possible price is achieved.
It is fully understandable that you will want to achieve the best price for your property and it is very tempting to ask just that little bit more. Some less scrupulous agents will deliberately over value your home to win your business, however this can have less than satisfactory consequences for you. 
There are several problems with over valuing your home and the most important are outlined below.  
  • Overpriced properties tend to remain unsold for longer, prolonging your next move and other possible transactions if in a chain. Properties that remain on the market for some time can start to attract negative questions about their condition and many serious buyers will avoid them. 
  • If your property fails to sell, you may be forced to reduce the asking price. However, you will have already missed out on the valuable ‘first to market’ activity – when buyers show the most interest in your property. A reduced price can provoke many uncomfortable questions from buyers and may result in you selling the property for less than it was actually worth in the first place. 
  • There is no harm in carrying out some research of your own but be prepared to discuss this openly and agree on the best price that will sell your property to the right buyers in the best possible time.